Save our Human Rights Act now, before it is too late! ‘Act for the Act’

‘Act for the Act’ Now!

There have been rumours in the media this week that the Government intends on rushing the new Bill of Rights through Parliament before summer 2016. Therefore, we do not have long to act and make our voices heard. If we do not stand together now we could loose our rights that are protected under the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA). These rights are not a luxury, they are not rights that should be given to us or taken away. They are basic ‘human’ rights that we are entitled to ‘as humans’ upon birth. Once you start playing around with these basic rights it is only a matter of time before inequality, inhumanity and injustice will increase until we are left living in a backward state that we are no longer proud of.

We are already starting to see the negative effects of recent unjust legislative changes that have targeted the weak, poor and vulnerable which have included reductions in benefits, the bedroom tax, increases in court fees and disproportionate fines of £900 in criminal court proceedings if you plead not guild and are subsequently found guilty at trial.

The Human Rights Act 1998 is our Act and it is time to stand up for it. Please give one minute of your time to digitally sign the petition to save our HRA. All you need to provide is your name and email address so it really is simple and quick. You can sign the ‘Act for the Act’ here. You can also read REAL stories or ordinary vulnerable people who successfully relied on the Act when they were treated without dignity.

Did you know that the Human Rights Act 1998 protects YOUR rights to:

  • The right to life. Therefore the State must investigate suspicious deaths and deaths in custody;
  • The prohibition of torture & inhuman treatment, you should NEVER be tortured or treated in an inhuman or degrading way!
  • Protection against slavery forced labour;
  • The right to liberty & freedom. The State can only imprison you with good reason such as if you are convicted of a crime or charged with a crime and a threat to the public;
  • The right to a fair trial & no punishment without law. We are innocent until proven guilty.
  • Respect for privacy & family life & the right to marry. This protects us against unnecessary surveillance or intrusion into our life. We have the right to marry and raise a family;
  • Freedom of thought, religion belief. We can believe what ever we choose to and can practise our religion or beliefs;
  • Free speech & peaceful protest. We have a right to speak freely and to come together peacefully with others to express our views. Without this right we could be prevented from demonstrating against unjust laws, future wars and unacceptable working conditions etc;
  • Not be subjected to discrimination. We are all equal regardless of our gender, race, sexuality, religion or age;
  • Protection of property, the right to an education and the right to free elections. This protects us against state interference with our possessions; means that no child can be denied an education and that elections must be free and fair which enables our society to remain democratic.

Ask yourself why anyone would want to remove these ‘basic’ and ‘humane’ rights? Living in a state where these basic rights are not protected is unimaginable!! These are basis rights that we all deserve as humans! So please sign the ‘Act for the Act’ today and show your support in keeping OUR Act.

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