Horner Foundation invests in NRECs work to tackle pregnancy/maternity discrimination

NREC has just been informed that the Horner Foundation has agreed to fund a project in Kettering and Corby to tackle pregnancy/maternity discrimination.

The two year project funding of around £15K per annum will enable NREC to work with student midwives and community paediatric nurses to identify and support women who lose their job, or suffer other forms of discrimination, following becoming pregnant or after having the baby.

The Chair of NREC, Dr Melanie Crofts, said today:

“We are delighted to receive this brillient news after a period in which NREC felt under threat of possible closure. This is a tremendous boost to our work and our morale and a vote of confidence in us as an organisation by the Horner Foundation. This will enable us to step up our activity to challenge discrimination against women when they are at very vulnerable time and hopefully achieve justice for them.

I would formally like thank our Development Worker, Anjona Roy, and our Board member, Laney Holland, who are the inspiration behind this project.”

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