Stop and Search


In the Spring of 2014 we undertook a research project about Stop and Search in Northamptonshire. We talked to 120 people and the report of the study is here NorthantsS&SReport final.

Over the Summer and Autumn of 2014 we undertook a youth project in Wellingborough supported by the national organisation StopWatch to look at whether car stops are an indirect way of carrying out disproportionate level of stop and searches on young black people. The project will also arranged a round table Question Time type of debate locally and will be accessing a similar event nationally in 2015. The report of the study undertaken by the young people is here Car Stop and Search Report 10 12 2014

We are continuing work on Stop and Search. If you are interested in getting involved in the project, please get in touch.

Our Stop and Search Youth group have designed this helpful form to help you keep a record of any stops that you experience and share that information with us. Completing this form will ensure that you have the information you need if you want to complain about your treatment. The information will also help us identify if particular officers target local people on the basis of age or and ethnicity. If this is the case we will be able to draw this to the attention of Northamptonshire Police and seek action.

You can download the form hereS