Advice Story 2: Race/Disability Discrimination

Abdul's name has been changed but the facts of his case are true and his words are his own.

Abdul’s name has been changed but the facts of his case are true and his words are his own.

Abdul’s Story

Abdul had been working for his employers for the past ten years. He went overseas on holiday and whilst away fell ill and needed hospital treatment as a result of his diabetes. His wife contacted his employers and let them know that he could not come into work as a result of his illness. However, despite this on his return home he found out that he had been dismissed as a result of failing to return to work following his agreed annual leave from work.

“I had worked for the company for all that time and they knew that I had diabetes. When I got sacked I really felt that they had treated me unfairly and without any sense of respect. I knew it was as a result of racism and and my illness which they already knew about. I got help from Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council (NREC) from an advisor who helped me get evidence to put forward my case of race and disability discrimination to my employers. As a result of the support and help I got from NREC I managed to get a four figure sum settlement from my employer without having to go to tribunal.

If NREC had not been there to support me I would not have known my rights and would not know how to put forward the evidence to prove that I had been discriminated against. Not only would I have lost my job, I would have also been silenced. It was really important that I got to see my advisor face to face regularly during the months that I spent trying to resolve this with this with my employer. Whenever, I needed help my caseworker was always available to give me the information I needed to ensure that I got justice. I really appreciate what NREC have done for me. My caseworker was very, very good and always ready to help.”


Tel 01604 400808      Fax 01604 400813

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