Advice Story 12: Pregnancy/Maternity Discrimination


I was employed in the role of a Kitchen Assistant. I had been absent from work on a number of occasions due to my own and my child’s health issues. When I returned to work after a few days because my child was sick, and had notified my Manager that I was pregnant, I was called to a meeting and dismissed on the very same day.

I approached Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council (NREC) who helped me make a claim to an Employment Tribunal for direct discrimination on the grounds of Pregnancy-related Sex discrimination.

Had I not approached Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council I would have had to deal with this matter with a costly Solicitor, however, I received a four figure settlement money and a reference from my former employer. I can now get on with my life.

*The names have been changed to hide the identity of the Claimants and Respondents.