Advice Story 14: Race Discrimination



I was employed as a Regional Manager on secondment for a sales company, and had successfully delivered the highest sales across the country and had applied for the job on a permanent basis. The two stage interview process went well and I was waiting to hear back about the job. I was called out of the blue to attend a feedback meeting, at this meeting I was told that I had not been successful in getting the job and also that I was being dismissed because complaints had been raised against me, I was not given the opportunity to respond to this; I was unaware that any complaints had been made against me. I tried to appeal against the decision to dismiss me but was told that the Company disciplinary procedures did not apply to me because I had not been working there for two years. I was aware of a fellow white employee who was also dismissed and had not worked there for two years but was allowed to go through the disciplinary process. I am of dual heritage and felt this difference in treatment amounted to discrimination.

I approached Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council (NREC) who helped me make a claim to an Employment Tribunal for Breach of contract, racial, and age discrimination. Eventually the matter was settled financially without the need for me to go to a full employment Tribunal.

Had I not approached Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council I would have lost my job and received no money, I have received something that goes some way to make up for the injustice I have faced and a reference from my former employer and can now get on with my life.


*The names have been changed to hide the identity of the Claimants and Respondents.