NREC campaigns for social justice in Northamptonshire.

We will undertake this work regardless of race, colour, religion, disability, age, sexuality, gender identity or sex.

Please contact us if you:

  • support individual victims of discrimination
  • provide or refer to free immigration advice for local people
  • support victims of hate incidents and monitor hate incidents
  • raise awareness of the rights of individuals not to experience discrimination and to have their human rights upheld.
  • want our support or advice
  • want to join our organisation as a member
  • want to volunteer

Northamptonshire REC’s vision is to challenge and eradicate discrimination (both personal and institutional) and prejudice or hostility in all its forms; so that all Northamptonshire’s diverse communities and citizens can enjoy peace, achieve their full potential and live free from injustice. We aim for a socially cohesive society in which diversity and human rights are recognised, celebrated and valued.

Can you help? You can donate to us here?

Tel 01604 400808      Fax 01604 400813    info@northamptonshirerec.org.uk

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See the pages of our different offices for addresses


Registered Charity No 1097767

A Company Limited by Guarantee 4734851

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