Hate Crime and Incident Support

NREC has an established history of helping individuals and community organisations to identify Hate Crimes and support them to report to relevant organisations.

If people have a history of experiencing discrimination because of who they are, we understand their lack of confidence to report. We seek to increase confidence to make monitored and broader Hate Incident reports before crisis, by supporting them to report, prepare them for what to expect and work with agencies, including police, education, health and local authority services, to resolve Hate Incidents.

We work to support victims and bring perpetrators to justice on the following Hate Crime themes:




Transgender identity

Sexual orientation


Community Hate Incident Network (CHIN)

Hate Crimes & Incidents happening over a long time can become emotionally debilitating.

We recognise how isolating discrimination can be in its broadest context. This adds to feelings of not being believed and can exacerbate physical health issues. If they do not have confidence to take part in domestic, leisure and learning activities, this can lead to loneliness and increased isolation.

Supported by NREC staff, the purpose of CHIN is to redress this by:

a) Providing individual support via phone or virtual calls and in person

b) Providing bi-monthly group support by sharing experiences in a safe place

c) Creating management techniques through therapy-related activity and stress reducing strategies

d) Providing learning resources to train professionals about good practice in supporting people experiencing Hate issues

e) Training people to be trainers and group facilitators

Client Feedback

Hate incidents in Education.

Comment from the mum of a young people facing racist bullying at school.

‘I don’t think I would have been heard if not for your intervention. The school did accept the fact that communication was poor and apologised.

Hate incidents in the community.

Comment from client abused by neighbour, because of her faith.

‘I had a useful chat with the lady from VOICE. She advised me to report every incident to the police. She also sent me an alarm that helps me feel safe.’

Another client sought help from us after six years of racial abuse by neighbour.

‘NREC supported me through every step. I wasn’t dreaming. I wasn’t deluded.

I got up this morning and it was like a breath of fresh air. He’s got no power [over me] anymore.’

You can Report Hate Crimes & Incidents on our contact form.