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What will the situation concerning EU citizens be post Brexit?

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This British woman and her as yet unborn child should be allowed to return to the uk Shamima Begum, one of three pupils from Bethnal Green who ran away from London aged 15 to join Islamic State in Syria, has been found by The Times in a refugee camp after escaping the jihadists’ final showdown. She … Continue reading

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In England, Asylum Seekers face the following when it comes to Higher Ed:
• Classified as ‘overseas’ students and have to pay international student tuition fees.
• Cannot access student finance to cover the cost of tuition fees or living costs.
• Cannot work and if they have no money, must live on government support of just 36.95 per week. – HOW can they afford this?
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Gender Pay Gap

Last night and this morning the news has been hitting the headlines of BBC editor Carrie Gracie quitting a the China editor as a result of what she described as a ‘secretive and illegal’ gender pay structure which has created … Continue reading

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FGM action in Northamptonshire – people leaving the table

Are we all playing our part to eliminate FGM or are some working on it harder than others. Continue reading

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Homelessness – A Local Equality Issue

Quite rightly over the last few weeks, many of those with a social conscience have been focussed on homelessness and concern about those that find themselves without a home. There are a number of equalities issues that intersect with this … Continue reading

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It appears as if there has been a number of issues that have arose in relation to the Northamptonshire Police’s ‘stop and search’ and it has been  argued that it gives the impression that they are abusing their powers. PACE (the … Continue reading

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