Human Rights

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that we all exercise every day. And, like air, we often take them for granted.

Our human rights are based on the values we hold dear – things like dignity, fairness, equality, tolerance and respect.

Privacy in our own home, expressing an opinion, being paid for the work we do, having an education, a decent place to live, protection from abuse – these things and many others are all our human rights.

These rights are the hidden foundations that help us live together freely and fairly. A safety net to protect us all. And they are essential tools that empower us to stand up to people in power, and to create a stronger, fairer, more compassionate UK.

This campaign highlights two rights – the right to freedom from slavery and forced labour and right to respect for private and family life – relevant to us all in the UK today. We rely on these rights every day, often without realising it, and we care about them more than we think

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