Annual Northamptonshire Holocaust Memorial Lecture: Conspiracy Theories and Anti-Semitism

Annual Northamptonshire Holocaust Memorial Lecture hosted by Northampton Hebrew Congregation, Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council, Northamptonshire Historical Association and the University of Northampton History Department.

This year via Zoom.

Registration essential via Eventbrite.

Sunday, 28 February 2021 from 19:00 to 20:30 (GMT)

William Mann investigates the underground world of Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories where Jews are portrayed as antagonists with no evidence

Conspiracy Theories have existed throughout history, and have often victimised particular groups and individuals. Jews, however, seem to have been a consistent target of conspiracy believers, often playing the role of antagonist in fantastical theories despite a total lack of evidence. Now, conspiracy belief is recognised by many as a key element of Anti-Semitism and permeates Anti-Jewish propaganda, though this has not stopped their spread throughout the world.

This talk investigates the strange, underground world of Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, to illustrate how to recognise Anti-Semitic conspiracy belief, how these theories have changed over time, why they are believed and the impact they have on the modern world. It will draw upon a broad range of examples from the political far-left, the far-right and in-between. It will also draw examples from the top and bottom echelons of society, investigating fringe theories only believed by a select few, to those held by celebrities, journalists and presidents. These will include figures such as Donald Trump, Nick Griffin, Hitler, Stalin, David Icke and many more. The aim of this talk is to leave listeners with a better understanding of the complex natural of Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, making them better equipped to recognise them, dismantle them and challenge them.

William Mann is a PhD student of history at the University of Northampton. His work has addressed topics such as the British National Party and its relationship with Christianity, Neo-Fascism and British and American Fascist conspiracy beliefs.

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