Covid-19: Accessible information in a diversity of formats.

Forwarded thanks to Northampton Borough Council and Get on Board.

Please see link to national vaccine information videos from Health, in a number of different languages which can be downloaded to use as required:

These videos also include subtitles to support which is often really helpful when sharing on social media, as well as a great resource to share with Deaf and hard of hearing communities too.  These are in addition to the local videos that are being produced.

Languages included are:

–             Arabic

–             Bengali

–             Gujarati

–             Polish

–             Punjabi

–             Romanian

–             Spanish

–             Swahili

–             Turkish

–             Urdu

–             Yoruba

Please see below and attached some advice/links to advice around those hard of hearing or with learning disabilities about Covid-19 vaccinations.  Please do forward on to anyone you feel may benefit. 

Vaccination: British Sign Language resources

The Government has, today (9 February), published British Sign Language (BSL) videos related to the vaccination programme.
The leaflets on which these videos are based on are also available to download and paper copies are also available to order.




 Learning Disabilities 

People with learning disabilities will be sent an easy read letter for their Covid vaccination.

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