Why NREC chose to bring the 2015 hate crime awareness campaign to Wellingborough

Hate Crime week Campaign Logo

Tomorrow, on Saturday 17th October at 7 pm we will be bringing our 2015 hate crime awareness campaign to Wellingborough Town Centre.  The event will consider all hate crime but the main focus will be on campaigning against racist and religious hate crime.

One of the main reasons why NREC have chosen to bring our hate crime awareness campaign to Wellingborough is because there has been a significant increase in reported incident in Wellingborough despite there being a reduction across the rest of the County (with exception to Corby.) This year there has been a reduction of 21 hate crimes reported to the police. Figures fell across the county from 555 to 534. However, during the same period of time hate crime reporting’s increased by 24 in Wellingborough.

The fact that the increase in reported hate crimes in Wellingborough is higher that the overall decrease  in reports of cases across the county is of great concern as it demonstrates that hate crime is becoming increasingly more problematic in Wellingborough. Therefore we are bringing our campaign against hate crime to Wellingborough to raise awareness that hate crime is unacceptable and unlawful with an aim of making both victims and perpetrators more aware of what hate crime is and that it is legally and morally unacceptable behavior.

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