An Evening with Peter Tatchell

On Tuesday Peter Tatchell hosted a lecture for NREC members to mark Hate Crime Awareness Week. The lecture was held at The University of Northampton. Peter explored various issues surrounding hate crime, discrimination and inequality in society.
Peter emphasised concerns over recent increases in Hate Crime. In particular there has been an increase in Hate Crime due to racism, islamophobia and homophobia. For example, there has been a 149% increase in Hate Crime against the LGBT community since the EU Referendum. This statistic could be even higher as many victims of Hate Crime are reluctant to report Hate Crime.
One of Peter’s messages during his lecture was to speak up against inequality and Hate Crime. He explained that if enough people make a stand we can make any Government listen, even the Conservatives. He reminded us of our power when we come together to make a stand against injustice. He reminded attendees of our power when we made a stand together against the unfair poll tax, which led to changes. Peter suggested different ways that we can come together including raising concerns with our MP.
Peter explained that in order to improve equality & diversity you need to speak directly with the people involved to help identify practical resolutions. Anti-discrimination law alone (e.g. The Race Act 1976) is not sufficient to prevent racial inequality. There must also be equal opportunities within education and the economy. Unfortunately, this is something NREC are very aware of from supporting members of the local community.


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