Volunteering at Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council

Here’s a blog post from one of newer volunteers Daniel Roberts.


I’ve spent the past two weeks volunteering for the NREC (Booth Lane site) and while data analysis is research I’m experienced in, the nature of said data is not. Lead by Anjona Roy and Chris Fray; my introduction to the work surrounding Hate Crime has been an eye opening experience. The team are regularly receiving calls asking for help and advice for numerous forms of discrimination and meetings with clients are not uncommon. My role was to look into the police report data, regarding Hate Crime in the Northamptonshire County, that the NREC had received and in laymen’s terms: do the math and write about the math, for which I was trusted to use methods familiar to me.

I wasn’t subjected only to report writing, I was also given the opportunity to proof read a grant application and contribute to the numeric sections; allowing me to make use of and expand on use of excel. Overall this opportunity has given me experience in administrative roles and data analysis that many other institutes haven’t been willing to offer, but also a strong reference for future endeavours. I wish well for the team, whose work is invaluable to the community.

If you would like to volunteer for us find more details here.

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